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This months thought..

Its been a while and a lot has happened...
At the risk of it sounding like a religious confession, my last editorial update was in 2014. Since then I've been around the world and back... Literally


The plan from late in 2014 was to take time out from work, life and everything! To make the once in a lifetime adventure happen. And it did. In April 2015 I wobbled my way from my home in Sheffield, not knowing what adventures might happen.
From that early start a huge journey developed and became the trip of a lifetime that changed my perspective of our little planet, my own life and my own self. Am I a better human being because of it? I like to think so. I am true to myself and despite that not sitting very well with some people since I returned, I decided life is too short to not do what seems right to me.
Iíve written the story down and it will be published in March 2018 in a book called ďONE LONG SUMMERĒ. It will be available from bookshops and online, but you can get it from the publisher at -> Troubador

Iím also relaunching the Star Rider feature on the TDR home page, so get your pictures in to show off your best picture to the world.


Now with a carbon fibre upgrade

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